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Thursday, November 23, 2023

Musings on EGO VS SOUL

The more I’ve learned to understand myself, journeying in and acquainting myself with my various inner aspects, the more surprised I am to find I’m full of so many different aspects with competing interests.

Ideally, these personas would balance each other out.

But in a world where certain aspects are over fed whilst others starved, imbalance is inevitable.

Take the aspect of ego, which is nurtured and amplified yet completely misunderstood.

Most people think ego is about arrogance or narcissistic qualities.
In reality ego usually:
🐔is a people pleaser
🐔seems humble
🐔stays small
🐔limits you
🐔holds you back
🐔controls you

Do you get what I’m saying?

The false self who is groomed to keep us in our place and control us.

Soul, on the other hand, is usually more ambitious:
🐚knows your desires
🐚thinks big
🐚dreams and has ideals
🐚takes you beyond what your social background planned for you
🐚loves you

When ego stops controlling soul big things happen! 
You start to rise.☄️

Then ego steps in and tries to highlight all the problems, pull you back, limit you instead of seeing the destination.

This just hot me as I’m about to move into a goth new house, like none I ever lived in before. 

It’s so gorgeous and my ego started to scream at me, “no you don’t deserve it!!! Everything is gonna to go wrong in your life now.”
Luckii knew what was happening and continued with this big step.

It’s been funny to get to know these two characters. I respect both yet I know what is authentically me.

It’s funny to see how even with the knowledge of this all, my ego is still so slippery, and still can jump in giving all these excuses and trying to trick me.

It’s like how they talk in the bible about the devil whispering in your ear. 

What I realised was key for my soul to win is to hold onto my dreams, to keep my eyes on the prize ahead.

To believe, not just in myself but that the universe literally has my back every step of the way and that if I meet her half way, she is there to hold me.

Sounds familiar?
Drop a 💜 below 👇🏾

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