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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Frank Makanuay: PNG Power Blackout and Take Back PNG

Png Power

No can deny under this government, the Png Power blackouts worsened. 

The blackouts became a regular thing, like it happened every day, two three times a day, and out of the 24 hours in the, 14 hours is blackout.

In Gerehu its blackout since this morning at 12.15am, its now 7.17am, over six hours later, still blackout. Yesterday my wife bought 5 packs of chicken Kwik Kai meal for two werks, at the new price hike of K18.00 per pack, ....guess what, over 6 hours of blackout, those 5 packs have defrosted, the meat looks okay, but am not going to take the risk food poisoning, so it is dog food.

We are in deep recession the PMV operators are feeling the pinch, they want K2 BUSFARE, but how can those commoners, and low income earners afford K8 to K10 daily bus fares? From Gerehu to town is catching two buses, that's K4, and returning is another K4....good job Take Back Png, good job.

This government is too ashame and embarrassed to admit, we are in deep recession. 

Price of food is up, fuel price is up, PMV operators want hike up bus fares, and on top of that, the continous blackouts.

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