Thursday, 27 September 2018

Bisiness in Papua New Guinea is in "Wonok Ndindi" State

"Wonok ndi-ndi" is in Lani of West Papua language meaning chaotic dog or pig-like eating habit in operation. Basic law of the nature according to Charles Darwin perfectly in operations here in the largest city in Melanesia : Port Moresby.

We must acknowledge that this law of the strongest as the winner(s) and the weakest looses and finally wipped out is operational within Melanesian tribal society. What is missing right now in city life,  particularly in Port Moresby is the norms and values,  and the systems in which the law and the game operate. 

There is a system that we name it today as "wantok systen" that is in operation in every aspect of our lives.  Inside the systems we have values and norms that are commonly accepted and practiced from generation to generation. The norm such as "we must greet and have a talk with anyone we meet a new person or our own friends,  families and relatives" is not applicable anymore in Port Moresby today. Such an act can be treated with cautions and suspicion.

Another example in the village we are strongly advised to help those in need and feed foreigners who happen to passing by our house while we are eating. This is somewhat a "tambu" or forbiden act in the city today.

Another example again,  in the village elders are respected as wisemen,  but in the city they are treated as retired useless living being that should be dumped into elderly house and those modern educated inexperienced under equiped youth become the one people listen to.

The result is the young Papuans loose momentum. They arw still reading books, talking and talking,  do not know and therefore cannot do anything at all.  Foreigners see this as the golden opportunity for them to operate freelu,  lightly and as fast as possible.

The atmosphere that Port Moresby is on fire,  and everyone is on alert,  suspicious of each other, make use of the local youth that are still talking and reading a lot and doing nothing, take anything that can taken,  robb as the situation allows, take away as manu and as much as possible before the fire is off,  before those talkative Papuans start realising they are useless and their country is beeing "looted" due to their own ignorence,  innosence, and foolishness

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

The Language of Politics is Doing the Business

What I mean by this statement is that particularly in thia 21st century and onwards all should be well aware that politics of a country or what a country wants and likes are expressed clearly in business deals and activities.

Therefore questions like "what do you think about or your opinion on....? " is in itself seeking for a wrong answer that we all can guess: politically correct statements but sccio-culturally misleading. And of course yjis is not the statement baseson the truth, i.e, business deals and activities.

The Indonesian president Joko Widodo has visited many countries in his term of presidency just like other presidents in the world do. He also made many public statements on the relation between his country and their countries.

From all these, one needs to dig deeper and ask this queation, "how many business deals have been signed or underway ? "

The answer(s) to this question will make one understands the language of the politics being played out in the fields.  Only then one will understand the language of politics in this 21st century.

Only then one will be regarded as the 21st century politician, who practices the up to date version of our political theory.  Remember, I am not talking about Economics. I am talking about business that is the language of current politics.