Tuesday, 25 September 2018

The Language of Politics is Doing the Business

What I mean by this statement is that particularly in thia 21st century and onwards all should be well aware that politics of a country or what a country wants and likes are expressed clearly in business deals and activities.

Therefore questions like "what do you think about or your opinion on....? " is in itself seeking for a wrong answer that we all can guess: politically correct statements but sccio-culturally misleading. And of course yjis is not the statement baseson the truth, i.e, business deals and activities.

The Indonesian president Joko Widodo has visited many countries in his term of presidency just like other presidents in the world do. He also made many public statements on the relation between his country and their countries.

From all these, one needs to dig deeper and ask this queation, "how many business deals have been signed or underway ? "

The answer(s) to this question will make one understands the language of the politics being played out in the fields.  Only then one will understand the language of politics in this 21st century.

Only then one will be regarded as the 21st century politician, who practices the up to date version of our political theory.  Remember, I am not talking about Economics. I am talking about business that is the language of current politics.

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